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Warhammer LOTR Battleboard by RHH7288
Warhammer LOTR Battleboard
Materials used:
Wallpaper pasting board (only half of it so far)
Ready made plaster (x2)
Quick drying tube plaster
PVA (Decorating version of it)
Super Sculpy (for sculpting my own structures and the like)
Super glue
Slow drying glue

While it is not finished yet, and still has quite a while to go, below are the steps I took to make what it is so far.

1. Break the pasting table apart, remove the legs and use the underside.
2. Coat the underside in 2 layers of PVA. The first will mostly soak into the wood, the second will stay on top and seal any openings plaster might seep through.
3. Apply a flat layer of plaster, roughly 1.5cm thick across the entire board, use a scraper or flat edge to smooth it all off. This is the place to start with putting roads or paths in by dragging the plaster in the direction you want it to go. Make sure you constantly alter the level you dig in at since naturally it wouldnt be flat.
4. Once dry add more plaster to create mounds, disfigurements in the ground (such as kicked up dirt etc).
5. At this point you might wanna be super brave and remove one of the wooden edges from the board 9since you flipped it upside down). I did not as I didnt want to risk cracking any of the plaster. I may take the dive later on since it isnt hard to repair (more plaster to fill the split). This will let you slide the other half in when you do it.
6. PVA the entire thing another two times, waiting for it to fully dry in between applications.
7. Begin creating your Super Sculpy terrain details and structures. There are plenty of guides for that already. You may feel like skipping this whole bit and spending a fortune on an actual casted piece from a shop, your choice, I want to feel like I earned what I have.
8.Use super glue to glue parts of your sculptures down, but not the entire thing (since super glue can be expensive). After that get some all purpose glue and either run it underneath before you apply it or along the outsides, (all purpose glue dries transparent but is still visible, which can aid in creating mounds of dirt along wall edges etc).

Here is the part I have not yet done, but these are the steps I will follow.

1. Paint the base of the board white
2. Paint the different colours for different terrain types
3. Apply some alteration (such as reds and such on the areas you paint green for grass. Gives the illusion of tree leaves or flowers).
4. Start applying other terrain details such as trees, sand, bushes. since these come coloured already its best to apply them after the painting stage.
5. PVA and add the grass, sand and any other terrain particles you might want.

At this point you could go berserk with white and black wash acrylics. Really watered down so when you put it on it sinks into the gaps, holes and dints in your board, makes them stick out that much further. Make a white wash slightly thicker so it stays at the higher points of the terrain. Be careful you dont paint your grass!
Be Fearless by RHH7288
Be Fearless
Short manga I started with ages ago. It was meant to be a lot longer (or atleast I got carried away with it) but I figure the stories point would be made better the shorter it was.

I don't really have any pinpoint idea of what the moral is, I guess for me its about facing life without fear, so when the time comes you get to enjoy the freefall.
Thanos (Infinity War) (WIP) by RHH7288
Thanos (Infinity War) (WIP)
Work in progress.
I never do anything that has anything to do with stuff thats coming soon. So I'm gonna start participating in that sort of thing. If puffer fish are a huge deal next month I'll do puffer fish.


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I am hoping some of my lovely watchers have my journal entries popping up to say hello, or this message falls on def ears!

You may or may not already know that the team at DTS ( have been working ruthlessly on a Visual Novel called Conform Reform.

If you dont already know then please do visit the website and check out some of the concept art I have on my deviantart profile, (most of which is outdated and has changed already).

Conform Reform is all about a young group of individuals who are raised in a world of complete human reproductive control, via the use of human neutering. Our young saviors (and yourself) must take it into your own hands to solve.

We have grand ideas to include all kinds of player choice, interactivity and so forth you don't usually see in Visual Novels, we want it to be a real treat to play through.

So please guys, go to our website, find our facebook page from there, like, follow and all that stuff. We are in dire need of YOUR help, we need you all to help us carve out a community and spread the word!

Thanks a bunch ladies and gents. for reading my stupid long journal.
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